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Induced draft evaporative condenser, is an indirect evaporative heat exchanger that converts the vapor refrigerant to liquid and efficiently rejects the heat to the atmosphere. It is designed to support industrial refrigeration applications that involve chemical processing, industrial gases and pharmaceutical production, as well as cold storage and food and beverage processing. It can be applied in systems that use ammonia, hydrocarbon or halocarbon refrigerants.

  • Marley Geareducer® standard drive for minimum maintenance and reliable performance with 5 year warranty
  • Three-step inlet deflectors to control splashes and exposure to sunlight to the basin
  • Dual fan hub design with U-bolt to reduce vibration potential
  • Standard TEFC fan motors
  • Sound reduction options allow induced shooting selections with sound levels up to 15+ dBA lower than forced draft capacitors of similar size
  • High strength galvanized steel structure and housing
  • Easy installation and maintenance

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