Marley DT Fluid Cooler

Liquid cooler - SPX Cooling Technologies

The Marley DT liquid cooler is an induced draft counterflow cooler. The closed circuit design keeps the process fluid in a closed circuit. The fluid is cooled by the recirculation of water flowing on the outside of the heat transfer coils. Due to the fact that DT Fluid Cooler does not contain heat transfer filler media, it offers greater flexibility, including greater capacity for dry operation in cold weather. Other advantages include fewer components than open-plate and plate heat exchanger systems and lower fan energy costs compared to forced draft chillers.

  • Robust building
  • Low maintenance costs and reliable performance with a 5 year warranty. The belt drive option is also available.
  • Water distribution system resistant to obstructions
  • High efficiency axial blades
  • Premium efficiency fan motor
  • The large access door provides convenient access to the mechanical system
  • Sound reduction

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