Thermostatic Expansion Valves

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The thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) controls the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the direct expansion (DX) evaporator by maintaining a constant superheat of the refrigerant vapor at the outlet of the evaporator. The TEV controls the difference between the actual temperature and the saturation temperature of the refrigerant corresponding to the suction pressure at the sensing bulb location; this is superheat. By controlling superheat, the TEV keeps most of the evaporator surface active, while preventing liquid refrigerant from returning to the compressor.

• Selective Thermostatic Charges: Designed to provide optimum performance for all applications — air conditioning and heat pump, medium and low temperature refrigeration.

• Thermostatic Element Design: Long lasting and field proven stainless steel diaphragm and welded element construction.

• Diaphragm design: Large flat diaphragm permits precise valve control.

• Replaceable Thermostatic Elements: Field replaceable elements on all standard valves.

• Accesible Internal Parts: Durable, leakproof body joint construction allows the valve to be disassembled, and the internal parts cleaned and inspected.

• Balanced Port Design: Provides perfect pin and port alignment, and prevents changes in pressure drop across the valve from influencing valve operation. Provides excellent control on applications with widely varying operating conditions.

• Silver Soldered Connections: For leakproof, high strength connection-to-body joints.

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