Sustainability refers to the ability of an organization or society to use their resources consciously and responsibly, without either exhausting or depleting their capacity for renovation, nor limiting the access of future generation to such resorces. 

A more sustainable world: refrigeration in the spotligt


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Sucess case Dairy factory, Maulec Puebla 


Company; Groupo MAulec,nPuebla , Pue.


 Target: reducing 1900 toneladas  of CO1 nper year, Ammonia refrigeration as a sustainable solution 


Froztec performed a cross - analysis between R134A and the ammonia used for water cooling and glycol systems from the dairy factory in Puebla, Mexico. It was determined that the best option was to use fluid coolers with ammonia, wich represented an initial cost overrun that will be recovered in two years, thanks to energy saving


  • Significant energy saving: Energy consumption was considerable reducen which represents lower operation costs for the factory . 
  • Reduction oof CO2 emmisions:  It was calculated and determined by use of  the EPA matrix, that the project prevented the production of 1,908 tons of CO2 per year, wich represents and important and considerable hallmark in sustainability.
  • Investment return:  eThe initial cost overrun will be recovered in two years, thanks to energy savings.

We present the following proposals as part of the plan:

  • Charts of energy cross - analyses:  EThese charts offer information that will serve to look at and compare the energy consumption of different options, resulting in making informed decisions more easily.
  • Estimate of the investment returns: This estimate will help us determine the economic feasibility of the projects by comparing energy savings and the initial investment.