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Our engineering department offers you the following services:

⚙️Consulting and Design

📋 Auditing 

🔧 System start-ups

👨‍🔧Technical visits



For industrial refrigeration applications

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We take care of solving and designing the best cooling system for your needs and those of your process.



Successful implementation, development, and operation of your industrial refrigeration system.




  • Storage centers and perishable product storage.
  • Process plants
  • Fluid cooling for process.
  • Special refrigeration applications for all types of industrial processes that you require.
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📌 Consulting  and Design

Specialized engineering advisory service and design of industrial refrigeration systems, which the main purpose is proposing a solution for a specific refrigeration problem or need.



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Maulec SA De CV - Success story


Consulting and Design for expansion project in milk production system.

The engineering department’s principal task was to provide the best solution according to the customer’s expansion need; designing and delivering turnkey of a unique and customized milk cooling system.


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📌 Auditing

Specialized engineering service and with extensive experience in refrigeration installations that guarantees the technical policies compliance of refrigerated facilities and supplies' conformities according to the equipment and material specified.


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  • mantenimiento de un proyecto de refrigeracion
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Mayca Food Service y Sysco Corporation - Success story

Costa Rica 

Ammonia system for storage center, where they must keep over 4500 domestic and imported products housed in more than 107,000 ft² to supply  the Costa Rican market.

Our engineering department was contracted to ensure that all equipment, materials and supplies and all refrigerated facilities of the project meet the specified standards regarding desing, diagrams, plans, technical Sheets, and so on.

In addition, the department created a customized manual for their PSM monitoring system.


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📌 System start-ups

Set of procedures that tunes up a refrigerated installation until it is operating at full according to design requirements.


It begins after all the equipment and controllers of the cooling system have been installed. Also, after activities; such as construction and commissioning.


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Agroexport - Success story


Start-up service for 1800 kilos of Guacamole per hour production systems and 500 tons daily for export, where the engineering department was responsible for verifying that the system capacity fulfilled the design requirements, maneuverability of all the set, and operates automatically, reliably and safely.


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📌 Technical visits (Troubleshooting)

Specialized technical service that identifies causes of failure in a refrigeration system and diagnostic them to correct them.


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Quality Poultry Products - Success story


Leading company in poultry production in Belize, that not only was previously hired for services, such as consulting and design, auditing, system start-ups, and a supply of refrigeration equipment, but also our engineering department was asked to provide technical Visits. For example, in one of our recent cases, we did a technical re-examination of all their centralized systems in several stores distributed in the country, diagnosing the causes of numerous failures, and at the same time, supplying the solutions for optimal operations.


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