Success Stories


Sysco: A refrigeration system for dry, refrigerated and frozen product storage

The expansion of the food industry has had a strong impact on the Latin American market. Mayca Food Service and Sysco Corporation inaugurated a storage and distribution center in San Jose, Costa Rica, where Froztec and Transclima participated in the implementation of a cooling system for the plant.


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Avoir Hylife Mexico: Huge production volume and advanced engineering project

Avoir Hylife Mexico is a pork processing company with large growth plans. To boost its international leadership, Froztec collaborated with this Mexican company to build a refrigeration plant with the necessary requirements for the industry.


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Pollos Caribeños, Italcol: Refrigeration for a chicken processing plant.

In 2016, Italcol was already acknowledged as a consolidated Colombian company specialized in animal food production with a strong presence in Ecuador, Colombia and Panama. Today, this chicken processing plant in Panama has a cooling system designed by Froztec capable of producing up to 6000 units per hour. 


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Quality poultry products: A story of growth.

The more than 40 years of experience and the high demand of their products led this Belizean company to expand. Our 3 refrigeration systems projects achieved for their products to go beyond the highest quality standards.


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Agroexport: An elite team

Avocado is one of the most consumed fruits worldwide and Mexico is the country with the highest production. You can’t become one of the largest exporters in Mexico overnight and Agroexport has overcome this challenge.


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Dawn Foods: a refrigeration challenge

Implement refrigeration engineering in dry bulb temperatures above 60º C and with very little humidity is not an easy task. Thanks to Froztec this great industrial bakery company can carry out its processes without the need to melt in the process.


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Dole Fruit: A refrigeration system for a unique fruit

Nowadays, piña miel (honey pineapple) is the most sold variety of pineapples in all supermarkets in the world, but behind this success, there is a history of innovation and a cooling system, fruit of more than a year of effort.


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Libertad beer: a toast of freedom

This craft brewery founded in Leon Guanajuato has increased its production and taken the flag of freedom further and further away. Today it is prepared to continue conquering its market with a refrigeration equipment designed for growth.


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Hotel La Quinta: Refrigeration system for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry standards are constantly getting higher. This was the exact overview for Hotel La Quinta when they decided to contact Froztec and to quote an Alfa Laval heat exchanger.


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