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    Regional Sales Engineer

    - Miami, Florida.


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    Complete guide to choose cooling equipment

    Are you working on your next project? Determine which is the ideal equipment for your system with this guide of industrial and commercial refrigeration.


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    Making the impossible possible

    Know how we've helped another business in their refrigeration requirements no matter the industry or ambiental conditions


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    A refrigeration solution designed for every industry

    Our engineering focuses on your specific requirements to achieve the maximum efficiency at the best investment price.


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Our Sectors

Froztec International Inc.

 We are experts in commercial and industrial refrigeration. We focus on the engineering, assessment and distribution of the best brands of refrigeration and heat exchange equipment and components. We know that the strength of this industry is based in having long term relationships with both clients and suppliers, this is why we work hand in hand with them to make and complete succesful projects.


Success Stories

Quality Poultry Products: A story of growth.

The more than 40 years of experience and the high demand of their products led this Belizean company to expand. Our 3 refrigeration systems projects achieved for their products to go beyond the highest quality standards.

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Agroexport: An elite team

Avocado is one of the most consumed fruits worldwide and Mexico is the country with the highest production. You can’t become one of the largest exporters in Mexico overnight and Agroexport has overcome this challenge.


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