E2 Controller


Is designed to provide complete control of building and refrigeration systems including: compressor groups, condensers, walk-ins, HVAC units and lighting.

• Support for language regionalization

• Integration for physical connectivity and communication protocols

• Support for advanced control and predicative software algorithms

• Inclusion of a data server for enterprise management functions


Is specifically designed to make the most of your refrigeration systems.

• Operates systems economically with a sophisticated enterprise-wide facility management system

• Communicates directly with compressors

• Safeguards valuable perishable product

• Seamlessly interfaces with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet

• Saves both energy and maintenance dollars.


Is uniquely suited to meet your HVAC and lighting needs, while excEeding your expectations.

• E2 BX Series controllers are easy to work with.

• Enables rooftop units (RTU) to be controlled based on a specific temperature-sensor reading

• Create zones of variable heating or cooling to meet specific demands and cycle heating and cooling stage to maximize energy savings, while maintaining the correct temperature and relative-humidity setpoints.


Is specially designed for the next generation of convenience store automation.

• Be a part of a facility management system that economically operates systems

• Provide detailed power usage information

• Protect food safety Keep up excellent indoor air quality

• Seamlessly interface with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet

• Save both energy and maintenance dollars

E2 Controller

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